Training feedback

“I got a lot of information and ideas, how to communicate with other people especially in difficult situations. Now I got some knowledge.”

 “I recommend this training to all those who are interested about self-development.”

 “I have several times heard students/group members thanking Hanna for her presentation, pictures in her slides and examples. Many have been touched by her. She is also many/some times crying herself.”

 “Many times it has been extremely helpful for me to get clarity in my own affairs when discussing with Hanna. One time I was feeling extremely frustrated and angry at my ex-husband for what I found his provocative behavior. Hanna was giving me guesses of what needs of his he might be trying to meet like that. I realized it might be his need for security – we visualized him as putting little traps on my path and every time I would meet one of his little traps, I would fall in the trap and explode. After that my long term anger was gone!!! And I am talking about years of anger!! Another time Hanna was acting as a NVC interpreter between me and my ex-husband. That was one of the first times I was able to hear what he was saying behind his words that I had hard time empathizing with. My ex-husband and I left that situation hand in hand, after months of not talking to each other.”

 I think this training was very useful, because most of the times we act instinctively in difficult situations, without measuring the weight of shat we are saying.”

 “Hanna was presenting the concepts of NVC to a group of people interested but mostly totally new to NVC. She had put together an excellent slide show from which she explained what NVC is all about. I found her presentation well prepared, both visually and in how well prepared she was in her explanations. I was impressed with her ability to use the format of NVC and her empathy with questions, even sometimes slightly hostile ones. She was able to demonstrate the idea of NVC very well through her interactions with the group.”

 “Hanna was helping to solve conflicts in our living community. After defusing several "multi-dimensional" situations, members of our community thanked Hanna for having allowed the situations to develop according to their own needs without aiming at any particular outcome, and also for having their needs heard.”


 “I am feeling disappointed. This day was so short and it is done already.” 

“Hanna is very convincing in her communication. NVC has given her depth in to her presentation and it is obvious that she has her heart, body and soul along in her communication. She is also very skilful in using the art of technology in her presentations.”

 “I was very impressed with how Hanna was able to stay in giraffe and not get ruffled or upset by questions. She was able to use the NVC model in a natural comfortable way.”

 “She is very natural and honest in her communication and is not afraid of tackling also very difficult and painful feelings/situations either for herself or for other party.”

 “I have been very impressed by Hanna's abilities plus her commitment to the NVC process. She seems to have really taken the process to heart and in my observations is very successful in her ability to both use and present NVC.”

 “In situations that everybody else would “start a war” – she takes time-out and deals with the situation later, if not able to deal it “as a giraffe” at that moment. It shows that she has adopted NVC as a lifestyle.” 

“When Hanna was helping me and my aunt to solve a conflict between the two of us, I was pleased and relieved to find how she addressed the feelings and needs of both of us. This helped to clear up our conflict. In that situation her presence empowered me to express my feelings and needs and to be myself.” 

“Hanna has made a slide set of NVC. One of the slides is about anger. While reading that slide it really struck me that my anger is pretty much caused by my own thoughts, how I expect things should be, not by what happens. I have been feeling a lot less anger after that!!!”

 “Her middle name is Empathy ;-) Even if tired or overwhelmed with other things, there is always empathy left for others.”

 “Hanna has very good presentation material, good examples from real life and ability to flexibly adjust the subjects based on the needs and interests of the practice groups.”