International training in Finland


with Robert Krzisnik

The Field where we meet

Deepening the Embodiment of the Spirit of NVC

Feb. 8th, 5 pm. --> Feb. 12nd, 3.30pm. 2017

This training is a continuation training. We hope that you have already the basic NVC skills and have taken preferrably about 4 days of trainings.

We start on Wednesday evening at 5 pm. with a welcome dinner and finish at 3.30 pm. on Sunday afternoon.

Location: Ystävyyden Majatalo, Kalkkilantie 74, 25110 Kruusila, FINLAND

Robert shares about the training:

Nonviolent Communication is for me not just another communication model to sort out my relationships, but a choice how I want to spend this experience of a human life. It is a choice to acknowledge the interconnectedness of it all, a choice to open up to the evolutionary flow of Life, a choice to extend beyond the known self, a choice to embrace it all.

So the challenge (and the promise) of NVC may be not merely how to intellectually solve the puzzle of our relationship, but how to fully embody the spirit of connection - be it the self-connection with our deepest authenticity, or the fully honest and compassionate connection with others, or even letting go and let ourselves fall into the flow of Life...

In this retreat we will continue exploring the embodiment of the spirit of connection – be it with ourselves, with others and with this experience of Life. While this retreat is going to be a direct continuation of the retreat last year, it also is construed as a stand-alone unit, very welcoming to all practitioners of Nonviolent Communication.

We will move beyond the intellectual understanding of the principles of honest self-expression, empathic receiving and self-connection, towards the fully integrated embodiment, be it within our inner selves, or in the field where we meet with others, and with the otherness. We will use our bodies as the portals to the deeper experience of life, and together explore:

  • What does it really mean to listen with our hearts, and how does it influence the field?
  • How can we establish a truly authentic and compassionate dialogue with another that will have an evolutionary effect on both?
  • How can we connect with the flow of Life in us, and perhaps even surrender to it?
  • How can we transcend an on-going struggle with Life and establish a partnership with it?
  • How can we deal with unpleasant experiences in our lives, and embrace them?
  • What is influencing choices we make and keep making in our lives?
  • How can we enter life with full authenticity, full integrity and go after what our hearts have been longing for?

More about Robert

Robert holds an MSc in Psychology, and had been working as a psychotherapist for 12 years. He has been working with groups as a trainer, facilitator for 28 years, covering a wide variety of topics, for instance from team-coaching in business environment, to leading spiritual retreats... Within the context of Nonviolent Communication he is most passionate about conflict mediation as well as the spiritual and embodied dimensions. Besides NVC, most important explorations on his journey have so far been Soto Zen, Art of Hosting, Bohmian Dialogue, Contact Improvisation... He is a certified trainer with CNVC, has been regularly serving as a trainer on 9-day International Intensive Trainings and 9-day European Intensive Courses, and has shared NVC around Europe, US, The Middle East, Asia…

Agenda for the training

Wednesday, Feb. 8th, 2017
17.00-18.00 Dinner
18.00-21.00 Start (Opening round, introductions, program for the training, practical issues, requests etc)
21.00-? Freetime (spontaneous offerings)

Thursday - Saturday, Feb. 9th-11th, 2017
06:00-08:00 Free time (spontaneous offerings)
08.00-09.00 Breakfast
09.00-12.00 Session 1
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13:00-15.00 Session 2
15.00-15.30 Coffee
15.30-18.00 Session 3
18.00-19.00 Dinner
19.00-20.00 Session 4 (mourning and celebration)
20.00-22.00 Session 5 (contact impro for those who still have energy)

06:00-08:00 Free time (spontaneous offerings)
08.00-09.00 Breakfast
09.00-12.00 Session 1
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13:00-15.00 Ending
15.00-15.30 Coffee (and then good-byes and going home)

Your costs
Training: sliding scale of your choice 450-700 € (includes VAT 24%)
Room and board: 200 € a (includes breakfasts, lunches, afternoon coffees and dinners + evening snacks, if needed)

About the sliding scale
We would also like to give people with different economical resources a possibility to participate in this training and therefore we request of you to pay an amount of your choice extra (anything above 400 €), which goes to Savanna ConneXions scholarship account and which we will then use to support those, who would otherwise not be able to participate in this training. Tell us the sum you decided to pay when you make your enrollment to make sure you have the sum on your invoice, which you chose.

In case you pay more than the minimum request, you are helping us say yes to some people, who do not have resources right now. We already have people on our list who have applied for scholarhips.

How to get to to the training place

96 kilometers from Helsinki
75 kilometers from Turku.

From Highway 1 take Exit 17 towards "Kruusila / Rekijoki", turn towards Kruusila, drive 700 metres and look right. You should see us there! See the directions on a map

By bus:
Make your way to the main bus station in either city.
Make sure your coach is Express Bus and that it stops at Kivihovi when coming from Helsinki or at Muurla when coming from Turku.

By train:
Make your way to the main railway station in either city.
Get off the train at Salo.

Enrolments before January 15th, 2017